Aromatherapy Laminated Reference Guide

Aromatherapy Laminated Reference Guide

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Essential oils can be powerfully therapeutic when used correctly and have a wide variety of uses. Learn how to buy quality oils, store them, dilute and use oils safely to be healthier and happier. In 6 laminated pages, we give you the expert information you need in a very well-rounded guide to better health.

Topics covered include:

  • What is aromatherapy
  • What Are Essential Oils
  • Hydrosols
  • Safety Considerations
  • How Essential Oils Enter the Body
  • Using Essential Oils
  • Carrier & Infused Oils
  • Dilution Table for Topical Solutions
  • Essential Oils
    • Name - Common & Botanical
    • Also Called
    • Actions – Expected Effect of Use
    • Uses – Symptom or Ailment
      • Physical or Psychological
    • Emotional Attributes
    • Cautions & Comments
  • Glossary of Actions & Uses
  • Therapeutic Index of Traditional Use
  • Common Use Examples

Suggested uses:

  • Beginners – powerful tool for anyone who is interested in using aromatherapy for a holistic approach to better health in life
  • Holistic Health Practitioners – use as a reference for those you are treating with aromatherapy – can be customized as a giveaway for your business
  • Health Markets – sell these reference guides to promote aromatherapy, your store, and the essential oils you carry