Essential Oils Laminated Reference Guide

Essential Oils Laminated Reference Guide

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With over 130 essential oils in this handy 6-page, oil-proof guide, beginners or experts can quickly find an oil's therapeutic aspects plus cautions regarding certain oils. Latin botanical and alternate names make finding the right oil easy and comments listed for some oils will give more background – historical or traditional uses, or more on specific cautions.

Topics covered include:

  • Most common name(s) 
  • Latin botanical name 
  • “Also called” name(s)  
  • “Actions” an oil is reported to have on the body and it's functions 
  • “Comments” which could be historical or traditional uses or dangers 
  • Large symbols to alert WARNINGS for sun sensitivity, and avoidance if pregnant 
  • Glossary of terms used in the guide is also included

Suggested uses:

  • Experts – as a handy go-to tool for your workspace, oil-proof by way of lamination 
  • Beginner – learning tool for quick reference and starting point for more research 
  • Personal – shopping guide - know where to start if looking for non-medical therapeutic options for you or a loved one's health benefits