Faces of Reality:  The Story Your Face is Telling

Faces of Reality: The Story Your Face is Telling

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Finally...the underground secrets of a sales and persuasion master are revealed! No more awkward conversations with prospects or sweaty palm conversations with employees or underperforming team members. With over $50 million of combined net profits for companies I've worked with and more than 20 years of coaching high-performing executives on how to reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, stimulate corporate culture, and boost net profit, it's time I wrote a book about my proven tool for success...Face Reading. This time-tested science gives you so much more than simple insight into the people around you. It can reveal how a person is motivated, how they feel loved, how they make decisions, even how they judge themselves. Even deeper, it reveals past experiences that have changed a person's perspective and let you know when those shifts happened. Faces of Reality is about teaching you how to instantly connect with any person you encounter within 10 seconds of meeting them and have them hang on your every word. It equips you to see past the masks people wear in life and peels back the curtain of their psyche to see who they really are at their core. Jody Holland shares his success formula and equips you with the tools to help you achieve your own personal success, engage, retain, and recruit top-performing employees, and build healthy and strong relationships.