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Thyroid Energy

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It's estimated that 20% of Americans have less than optimal thyroid function, but the majority are unaware that the reason they feel stressed and fatigued is due to issues with thyroid support.

Super Good Stuff’s Thyroid Energy is a natural thyroid supplement that supports your body to build thyroid health, and enables you to get on the path to total body health.* Super Good Stuff’s formula is specifically designed to boost metabolism and help support and protect your thyroid gland from stress, immune system assault, and overstimulation from pituitary hormones.*

We specially extracted the following active ingredients in Thyroid Energy with our proprietary extraction process to bring you maximum benefits.*

  • Ginger Root Extract: May help promote a normal body temperature and increase metabolic rate and boost circulation, promoting warmth in your hands and feet.*
  • Lemon Extract: Plays a very important role in maintaining thyroid health and normal thyroid function.* Its bioflavonoids help strengthen the inner lining of blood vessels, especially veins and capillaries.*
  • Eleuthero Siberian Root (Panax Ginseng): Supports adrenal gland function, especially when your body is challenged by stress, thus promoting immune function.* In addition, it promotes cognitive and physical performance and general health.*
  • Zinc: Supports thyroid function as it helps convert the inactive hormone T4 into the active hormone T3.* An excess of inactive thyroid hormones in your body can lead to an underactive thyroid gland.
  • Selenium: Helps maintain the production and conversion of thyroid hormones as it is an active component of the enzyme that helps convert T4 to T3.* Deficiencies of selenium may result in less-than-optimal thyroid function.