Art of Self Muscle Testing, The

Art of Self Muscle Testing, The

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This gem of a book explains in a simple and easy manner the process of self muscle testing. Self muscle testing is a technique similar to that of applied kinesiology, a technique that people use to gain insight into their own body and mind's healing process. The aim of this book is to empower the reader so that they can begin conducting accurate and reliable self muscle testing as soon as possible.

Not all humans have the capacity to accurately self muscle test and this book goes into how to set up the ideal conditions so that this valuable tool can be accessed on a regular and consistent basis. The more people that can successfully self muscle test, the better it is for all beings because muscle testing has the potential to rapidly enhance ones ability to “know thy self.”

In this book you will learn about:
- The pre-requisites for self muscle testing
- How to "Switch on" for accurate testing
- How to test without bias
- How to test health products, supplements and foods
- Some more advanced techniques
- and more...

If you have any interest in energy medicine, applied kinesiology, muscle testing, alternative medicine, consciousness studies or yoga then this book is for you!