Your Body Can Talk

Your Body Can Talk

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This book is about the art and application of Clinical Kinesiology, and serves as an introduction to the energetic system that links mind and body. It shows how the body can "talk," and therefore be used as a diagnostic tool to measure a wide variety of its own functions, and to determine which healing approach will best suit an individual.

Clinical Kinesiology is the modality that allows us to interpret this new "body talk." This method of muscle-testing "reads" the body's innate wisdom; when "asked" a question, or presented with a stimulus, the muscles respond clearly, either strongly or weakly. This system, which expedites the application of acupuncture, also helps realign the body's energy imbalances.

Far from being a scholarly or scientific text, Your Body Can Talk is written for the immediate use of the practitioner or layperson. It extends beyond the merely physical domain, showing the critical role that emotions play in maintaining physical health. It also presents a number of adjunct healing systems, such as the use of Bach Flower Remedies to heal chakra (energy center) imbalances.

Armed with this deeper understanding of the body's multileveled energetic system, readers will find specific methods of fighting disease that emphasize the problems with unnecessary drugs, antibiotics and immunization, and the need for a fortified immune system ― especially through natural foods.

Other topics include: rebuilding the body's ecology after an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria or Candidiasis; how to maintain the integrity of the energy system through minimizing exposure to unhealthy electromagnetic fields or EMFs; optimal health for woman; and issues of men's health.

New material in this 2nd edition includes an extensive chapter on children's health, which addresses pregnancy, birthing procedures and breastfeeding, and illustrates a road map for giving your children (and children yet to come) the best potential for optimal health.

Unlike other similar books, Your Body Can Talk provides the average reader with simple tools to begin evaluating their own health status, transforming the reader from being a victim of the medical system to thriving as a self-sufficient health consumer.

Self-testing instructions and treatment recommendations for unique health problems are found at the end of each chapter.